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History Making Olympian Joins Gallagher’s Boxing Gym

Tasha Jonas, the first ever female boxer to qualify and compete in the Olympic Games, has joined Gallagher’s Boxing Gym.

The history making boxer from Liverpool has joined forces with world renowned trainer, Joe Gallagher, as she aims to set the professional female boxing industry alight.

Tasha, 32, is making her return to the ring in her debut bout as a professional this Summer, under the guidance of Gallagher.

With an 18-month year old little girl, Mela, Tasha will also be the first mum to go turn professional in the UK.

Tasha explained: “When I said goodbye to amateur boxing I was saying goodbye to everything. There was no other door to go through. You could become a pro and work in Germany but that wasn’t for me — I wanted to be here. Now big promoters are signing females and putting them on big shows — it opens another door and gives women another option.

“The opportunity is here now to go on to something different, I want to make my daughter proud, I want to be ambassador for the sport I love and inspire more women and girls to follow their dreams.”

Joe said: “It was about three months ago I got a message from her saying she was thinking of turning pro and would I be interested? It’s the first time I’ve trained a female boxer. It was just something I never initially saw myself doing really.

“I’ve got a big stable as it is — it takes someone special, unique for me to take them on board. But when Tasha asked me, I was flattered — it was another challenge. Tasha is a very special person…. so challenge accepted! It’s time to go and make more history!”

Tasha’s debut fight is due to be announced in June 2017.

Team GallagherHistory Making Olympian Joins Gallagher’s Boxing Gym